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Ever wonder what happened to Hank and Will Deutschendorf, who played baby Oscar from Ghostbusters 2? Well the wait is over! In the first episode of 2012, we catch up with Hank and Will on what they are doing these days, and we find out if Ghostbusters 2 was a curse or a blessing. We also confirm the internet rumor on the twins being the nephew of the late great John Denver. It’s the most star powered episode of Cross the Streams Radio yet as the ever so nice, Robin Shelby, who played Slimer in Ghostbusters 2 joins us as well. Other guests on the roundtable are’s very own Jason Fitzsimmons, and Steel City Ghostbuster Sam Swope.

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Show 21
Intro with Matt Prov – HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!
Roundtable Guests: Hank and Will Deutschendorf, Robin Shelby, Jason Fitzsimmons and Sam Swope.

How and when did Hank and Will get into martial arts as well as open West Coast Martial Arts Academy.
Does Ghostbusters 2 ever come back to haunt Hank and Will.
How do Hank and Will feel about the GB Franchise.
Sam and Robin meet in real life…they talk about attending a Con together (Along with Walter Peck, Gozer and Winston)
What did Robin get that was GB Related for Christmas?
Robin Shelby’s cameo in the IDW GB Comic
Ghostbuster Fans too white and nerdy for Will and Hank.

Matt Prov Goodbyes


Show Length: 41:54
File Size: 58.9 MB

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Special Guests: Hank and Will Deutschendorf, Robin Shelby, Jason Fitzsimmons and Sam Swope.

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