Episode 37: Ernie Hudson Part Deux

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Adam, Brendan, Dan and Matt get together (which had been awhile) and sat down in a green room at Pop Expo in Ottawa, Ontario to chat with Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson. Ernie really opens up to the fans about today’s social media era, upcoming roles, cutting back appearances at conventions, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Ernie saw the latest Star Trek, Ghostbuster Fans that keep the franchise alive, his character from Ghostbusters getting married in IDW’s monthly Ghostbusters comic book, people accepting less in today’s storytelling and much more. Why are you even reading this and not downloading the show! Enjoy!

Episode 37 Ernie Hudson Part Deux


Special Guests: Ernie Hudson
Show Length: 43:59
File Size: 20.2 MB

We hope everyone enjoys the latest episode, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or if you’d like to appear on the show, please email: ctsradioshow@gmail.com


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